Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Office Inspiration!

Since marrying husbone, and moving into our house, Ive been neglecting the decorating aspect of the house.

Sure I have lots of great ideas, and inspiration..but I'm lacking one thing! Can you guess? MOTIVATION! Yes, I said it. I've been to comfortable in our nest, and have not bothered "clothing" our home sweet home.

This week, husbone is out of town. So I will have plenty of time to look through my favorite blogs and possibly be inspired to get my decorating on!

Through my search, I came across this dream office:

How fabulous would it be to have an office that looked like this? My favorite attribute of the office is the luscious chair! I might be able to incorporate a chair like this in my our office..

I would be sharing office space with husbone, so I need to also have a good balance. As much as I love the girly stuff, I need to also think of him..

I am thinking of adding a nice area rug, with a nice print. Possibly an animal print? Also, and accent table that I can place the printer or any other item. We are working with a small space, so I don't want to overcrowd the room.

The picture below shows a great inspiration board that I would love to add to one of the walls. I would love a board that I can add pictures, magazine clips, or anything else that pops!

When it comes to the color of the room, I'm thinking of mellow yellow. It's a pastel color that would go great with the light that usually shines in through the window. It's both masculine and feminine. By far my #1 contender!

My goal for the office would be to make it a haven for me! A place where I can write, read, and of course blog. A place where I can have my stationary and scrap booking materials organized. A place where I can have "my space."

At the same time, utilize the space for filing bills, and regular "house stuff."

I can't wait to get started on this project!!! I will keep you posted on the before and after!

Do you have a home office? If so, what makes it unique?