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Change of plans..

Life is filled with surprises. Everyday is a new adventure! If you recall from my Monday post, my parents decided to adopt a dog from the pound. They found this beautiful Labrador, mixed with a Retriever. She was brought in after she gave birth! My parents paid the fee, and agreed to come back to pick her up. When they were leaving, they came across a beautiful Dalmatian, which they ended up adopting as well.
To make a long story short, "Chloe" was not as friendly as her documents claimed her to be. So because of the fear of her possibly doing more harm, we decided to surrender her. I'm sure she will find a good home. She is a beautiful dog that deserves a family with no children. We wrote on her chart great things, in hope that we could help her find the perfect home!
So without further a do, let me introduce you to "Hershey!" She is big, lovable, warm, and most of all human like! There is no doubt in my mind that she is the perfect fit for our family!

A Thursday Thought!

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A Tuesday Thought!

I want to introduce you to the new member of our family! Chloe!
My parents adopted her yesterday from the pound. She is such a good girl! She is lovable, sweet, and most of all cute! How can you say no to spots? She s lucky #5!
Welcome Chloe!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting back to..

November was a slow month for me. Not much was accomplished in the wedding department. I feel like I've been slacking [Cristina shush!] Although I've had all the help I can I need, I just haven't been in the "mood." I'm kinda in a wedding slump!
So today, I took the day to get back on track! Time is clicking [3 months & 7 days] and I still have quite a few things to get done. No more slacking, I am in full force gaining momentum! My binder is all updated, and I made a list of tasks to get done this week! So the train is moving..
On another note, we had to cancel our engagement session this weekend. The weather was just not peachy! So we are going to be rescheduling. We also signed our contract for our videographer! So I'm technically not slacking that!
Anyhow, I have lots to do! Busy busy week ahead of me!
I found this today, and it just made me smile..