Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Recap...

This weekend was filled with lots of buying!! Lover is moving into our future home ( so we have been busy buying things to make it home!

Friday, we decided to hit up Target and Bed Bath Beyond! (Thank God for all those coupons) We were able to save $45.00!!! We purchased our plates at Target:

Then we hopped over to Bed Bath and Beyond, where we took advantage of our multiple coupons! We ended up purchasing a all-in-one shower curtain kit, a shower rod for the Master bathroom, and a ottoman!

On Saturday we decided to visit some local stores, and BAM! We found a martini shaker for $5.99! Wohoo! Great deal!

So all in all it was a productive weekend! We ended our Saturday with dinner at a little whole in the wall sushi restaurant with our close friends..

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi! My name in Maria, and I am a PROCRASTINATOR!

Yes..I have been engaged for 2 years, and have done nothing! I've been putting planning in the backseat. But no longer! I have momentum..If I want to be married by March 2010, I need to get a jump things pronto!

My lover (fiance) has been patient with me..But no longer..He's given me way too much time. So now I am on a mission! It won't be easy..I will be juggling my last year in law school, and planning a budget friendly wedding.

Starting today, I will be making phone calls, setting appointments, and soon enough accomplishing tasks!

I'm excited. I have been with a great man for the past 7 in a half years of my life. I can't wait to be Mrs. ......!!

Which one?

I love Friday's! Primarily because it is the day that I get to have my bi-weekly mani/pedi! Yes! That is an essential part of my life! You must always have nice hands/feet!

SoO being that it's summer and all, I figured I would step out of my element, and go for a change! Everyone who knows me, knows that I love all the colors in the PINK family! You can never go wrong!

So my question to you all is, which color should I pick?

Rain Rain Go Away!

It's officially the rainy season in Miami!! For the past week, EVERY afternoon storms are sparked, and a combination of thunder and lightning erupt! This causes havoc of all sorts!!

So, I have a plan! In order to combat this rainy season, I have come up with some essentials:

So hopefully this rainy season can be a fashionable one as well!!
I am readyfor the rain!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Introduction...

Hello Hello!!! I finally caved inn, and decided to make my own blog!! My name is Maria, and I am a Miami, Florida native! Yes. Sunny So. Fl! I will be chronicling EVERYTHING! From my wedding planning, to my latest adventures, to fashion, savings, fitness, EVERYTHING! Basically until I find a rhythm for this blog..All I need is patience, and some guidance!

I thank all the bloggers who have inspired me! I will soon be listing you all! Blogs have become a daily activity for me, and I thank you all :)

BTW for anyone wondering why I picked the title "All About My Sugar & Spice" is because I am "Spice" and my lover aka Fiance is "Sugar." This memory goes back all the way to High school! So after pondering for a neat name, I came up with this..

So I hope you all enjoy my journey, and that maybe I can inspire some of you!