Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bangs are back!

Lately I've noticed that the latest trend to hit has been bangs.
I must say, I love how they look! So simple, yet classic!
It reminds me of my middle school days. Where everyone had bangs.
This would be the perfect hairstyle for anyone craving a change.
What do you guys think?

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm alive!!

Yes, I am alive! I have neglected this blog for a while now. To be honest, I have no urge to write, or blog. I am more devoted to the other blogs that I read than my own! Very sad.

And it's not like I have nothing to blog about. I have TONS of things! I'm still missing honeymoon pictures, and reviews. Plus, I definitely have to blog about our North Carolina trip we took for the 4th of July. And of course the rest of the daily stuff.

I have been going going through a transition. First it was getting married, then it was finding a job, and then it was juggling a job, and everything else! Thank God we don't have kids, if not they would have been neglected as well lol!

Anyhow, to make a long story short. I made a promise to myself to get thins blog back to order. Blogging routinely is a must, and definitely remodel the blog! It seems so blah!

So yeah, to whomever is still around, and reading this, thank you for being a loyal reader! I promise to have fun and interesting things up soon :)