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Change of plans..

Life is filled with surprises. Everyday is a new adventure! If you recall from my Monday post, my parents decided to adopt a dog from the pound. They found this beautiful Labrador, mixed with a Retriever. She was brought in after she gave birth! My parents paid the fee, and agreed to come back to pick her up. When they were leaving, they came across a beautiful Dalmatian, which they ended up adopting as well.
To make a long story short, "Chloe" was not as friendly as her documents claimed her to be. So because of the fear of her possibly doing more harm, we decided to surrender her. I'm sure she will find a good home. She is a beautiful dog that deserves a family with no children. We wrote on her chart great things, in hope that we could help her find the perfect home!
So without further a do, let me introduce you to "Hershey!" She is big, lovable, warm, and most of all human like! There is no doubt in my mind that she is the perfect fit for our family!

A Thursday Thought!

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A Tuesday Thought!

I want to introduce you to the new member of our family! Chloe!
My parents adopted her yesterday from the pound. She is such a good girl! She is lovable, sweet, and most of all cute! How can you say no to spots? She s lucky #5!
Welcome Chloe!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting back to..

November was a slow month for me. Not much was accomplished in the wedding department. I feel like I've been slacking [Cristina shush!] Although I've had all the help I can I need, I just haven't been in the "mood." I'm kinda in a wedding slump!
So today, I took the day to get back on track! Time is clicking [3 months & 7 days] and I still have quite a few things to get done. No more slacking, I am in full force gaining momentum! My binder is all updated, and I made a list of tasks to get done this week! So the train is moving..
On another note, we had to cancel our engagement session this weekend. The weather was just not peachy! So we are going to be rescheduling. We also signed our contract for our videographer! So I'm technically not slacking that!
Anyhow, I have lots to do! Busy busy week ahead of me!
I found this today, and it just made me smile..

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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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The winner is.....

Thank you to everyone who responded to my first {giveaway}
I truly enjoyed reading all your comments, and mouthwatering recipes! I am definitely going to save all these recipes for future Thanksgiving's! Can't wait to try your Orange-Glazed Sweet Potatoes! {yummy}
*Eli make sure to e-mail me: so I can send you your gift*

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<3 Weekends!

There is something about this weekend that made me smile! Especially when it's a unusually cool in South Florida. When you combine cool weather, yummy pancakes for breakfast, lazy Saturday on the couch, and then dinner at a nice restaurant outside with a glass of wine, definitely brings a smile to me face!
Please weekend don't end..Pretty please!

Cake Tasting!

Friday is my day off! So Lover and I decided to take advantage of the day, and go to our cake tasting! This is the one thing lover was looking forward for! It was overall a OK experience. Our venue includes the cake in our package. Which is a good/bad thing. It basically means we have no other choice but to choose their preferred cake vendor.
So fast forward to the cake tasting part! We tried a bunch of different flavors {See pictures below} They were all reasonably good! I was bit disappointed with the Chocolate Godiva. I thought it was going to be a for sure winner, but nope! It was just not "fudgy" enough. We settle between 2 flavors {Marble and Vanilla Rum.} These two flavors were juicy, moist, but best of all delicious!
We also decided on butter cream. A lot of people prefer fondant mostly because of it;s sleek look, but luckily both lover and I are not fondant fans. I think that was the easiest decision we made!
The only thing that is pending now is the design. We saw a cake {pictured below} that was similar to what we might want. We have plenty of time to come up with our dream cake, so now the research starts! Till then, enjoy our experience...

Sampling begins

Loving the details on this cake

Done sampling!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This my 100th post!! Wo hoo! a token of my appreciation, I will be having a {giveaway!}
I am thankful to all my followers, and future followers! If it wasn't for all the blogs out there, I don't know what I would do!
Sooo..I will be giving away a $25 gift card to Starbucks!

All you have to do is:
1. Leave a Comment with your favorite Thanksgiving Day recipe!
2. Become a follower, if you are not a follower yet..
3. Tweet about it!
I will pick a winner on Monday! Good Luck!

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We Salute:

{Happy Veteran's Day}

Weekend Part II

It is a tradition to always stop by the Outlets while being in Orlando. On Sunday, before we headed back home, we decided to do a little shopping..I decided to enter the Coach store and browse around for some good finds. Oh did I find things. I ended up splurging and buying a Coach passport cover, and a Coach wallet. I instantly fell in love! I was able to save $68! Who knows? I might have a reason to use that passport cover ;)
We also entered a Gourmet store, and bought a couple of things for the house. All in all it was a great trip! Maybe I'll post some pictures of our finds..

Weekend Adventure!

Last week we decided to plan a last minute trip to Orlando. Other friends of ours were heading up, so we decided "Why not?" We left Friday night en route to the happiest place in the world! Saturday we enjoyed a full day at Epcot's Annual Food & Wine Festival! We sampled delicious foods, from different parts of the country. Plus different wines, champagne, and beers. We had a great time! Next year will definitely be a repeat! Now I leave you with some pictures!!

The group minus me!

Can you spot the booty? That's Lover!

Lover and I decided to do some Irish car bombs!

I forgot the name, but this is a bowl of deliciousness!


Me! Sporting the Minnie ears :)

Our beer holder! Genius idea!

Good night Epcot! Thank you for a great time!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

{Happy Halloween}

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

To insure or not?

One of my daily reads is: Make Mine a Mojito! I love her blog! She always has something interesting, fun to post. Recently, she wrote a post regarding her missing engagement ring! I think I would die! Literally! She luckily has insurance, and basically just will have to file a claim, and rest is self explanatory. Which made me think..What if the same happens to me? What if I misplace my ring? I don't have any type of insurance on my jewelry. What do I do? Insert Lover's remark [He has always been after me about insuring my ring]
So who has their ring/jewelry insured? If so, what company did you use?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess what?

I found my wedding dress!!!!!!
[Insert screaming with joy]
I am very excited! I can't wait to wear it in March!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

{Love} Giveaway's!

Fellow blogger Leaving and Loving on a Jet Plane is having a giveaway! The best part of this giveaway is that it's all about promoting a great cause! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month she is giving away a beautiful scarf! What a great accessory for the Fall season! Check out her post! For a chance to win :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No more..

Nightmares! Literally. Lately my mind has been running over 100 mph. My mind is being flooded with school, wedding, life, and everything else. Sometimes I think so much that I feel mentally drained! As a result to my thinking powers, I've been flooded with nightmares!
I have had dreams from betrayal, to no gas in my car, to being runned off on road, you name it, I've dreamt it! So I decided to go on the wonderful world of the internet! I needed answers! Most of all, I needed to interpret my dreams..
I browsed and came across this site: Dream moods
This site interprets you dream, and helps you make a amends with them..
So may the interpreting begin!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jessica Simpson + QVC= Shopping

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge Jessica Simpson fan! I am a huge fan of her songs, and most of all her new collection! She has a number of great products out there! My favorite ones by far are her shoes, and bags! So to my surprise, I was notified via twitter, about her appearance/sales on QVC.

I {Heart} you!

Loving this image today..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's talk about fence baby...

Well hello hello! I am back, and in full force! The past month has been a busy one! Lots of new things, and lots of hard work! We said good-bye to the big tree, hello pavers..

Massive tree

The never ending roots

Hello pavers!!

Pavers and our newly added foxtail palms

Foxtail palms

Dirty fence

Lover wrote my name on the!

Clean vs. dirty

Clean fence!

Newly added fence panels

Newly added rocks, and rock speakers

Ta Da! Beautiful backyard!

**Special thanks to Salvador & Nandy!! For all their help!!**