Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cake Tasting!

Friday is my day off! So Lover and I decided to take advantage of the day, and go to our cake tasting! This is the one thing lover was looking forward for! It was overall a OK experience. Our venue includes the cake in our package. Which is a good/bad thing. It basically means we have no other choice but to choose their preferred cake vendor.
So fast forward to the cake tasting part! We tried a bunch of different flavors {See pictures below} They were all reasonably good! I was bit disappointed with the Chocolate Godiva. I thought it was going to be a for sure winner, but nope! It was just not "fudgy" enough. We settle between 2 flavors {Marble and Vanilla Rum.} These two flavors were juicy, moist, but best of all delicious!
We also decided on butter cream. A lot of people prefer fondant mostly because of it;s sleek look, but luckily both lover and I are not fondant fans. I think that was the easiest decision we made!
The only thing that is pending now is the design. We saw a cake {pictured below} that was similar to what we might want. We have plenty of time to come up with our dream cake, so now the research starts! Till then, enjoy our experience...

Sampling begins

Loving the details on this cake

Done sampling!


Jackie said...

Just wanted to mention that my wedding cake was from the same vendor, and I had a great exprience with them. GL!

Sugar & Spice said...

What flavors did you pick?

JennyLo said...

Isnt that the BEST part???? I love cake tastings! My friends had the marble from there and it was good. Im a sucker for the traditional rum cake. Not to sway your decision....but....when I go to weddings I look forward to having a piece of the rum cake. Its not something I eat often so when I get a weird flavor I get dissapointed. Just my two cents though. Oh...and I agree on the fondant/buttercream issue. Only thing is, if you want a specific desing, fondant may hold it better.

Eli said...

I love Divine Delicacies. Although I didn't use them, I eat their cakes and they are amazing. I did marble for my wedding, kind of pleased both vanilla and chocolate lovers. Good luck, it all looks so yummy

Sugar & Spice said...

Lots of great feedback!

Jenny- I am also a sucker for vanilla rum cake! It's delicious! We are actually going to use both marble/vanilla rum!