Friday, November 12, 2010

43 days till...

Which means it's time to start Christmas shopping!
This year will be my first Christmas as a married woman. Both husbone and I will be gift giving as a married couple! Which is pretty exciting. So I decided this year I would start a new tradition in our household, by making an excel worksheet to organize our gift list. I figured we can use this list for future Christmas'.
I will use this excel worksheet for our Christmas gift list for our family and friends, and Christmas cards. I'm hoping this will make the whole gift giving process easier and painless!

Here are some helpful hints:
  • Make four columns on a piece of paper or create a spreadsheet. In the first column, Names, write down the names of people that you plan to give a card or gift, or both. In the second column, Cards, make a check mark for those people who you plan to send a card to. In the third column, Gift, make a check for those who will receive both a card and a gift. In the last column, Type of Gift, note the number and type of gift that the person will receive.
  • For those people who will be receiving cards only, note in the column, Cards, if the card will be sent via mail or given to the person by hand. Write the letter "M" for those cards to be sent by mail. Write the letter "P" for those cards that you will be giving in person.
  • For each person on your gift list, make a note of any gifts you know or think the person needs or wants. If you aren't sure, ask the person in a round-about manner what they would like for a gift. If this is impossible or to save time and effort, consider purchasing a gift certificate or cash card to give the person. Gift certificates purchased at specific department stores are also a good option.
  • Try to do all of your shopping in bulk at a central location to save time and energy. Choose stores that are located within the same vicinity so as to make your traveling between stores easier. Online shopping is a plus!

After constructing the excel worksheet, let the shopping begin!

I will do most of my shopping online! Cyber Monday here I come!! For the most part I love the idea of just sitting at home with pajamas shopping! Who doesn't? I'll also check out the local stores, and possibly get some shopping done there too.

We shall see how successful I am with my Christmas Gift List!! I am really going to try hard to stay organized!

How about you ladies? What are your gift tips?