Thursday, June 18, 2009

We found...

The hardest thing so far has been finding curtians for our living room. We were looking for Grommet panel (big circles on the top). After searching through various stores, we finally found it!! We decided on (2) panels like this:

And (2) panels for the inside in the cloud color:

The total amount of panels was (4) and we decided it would look much better if we used a mix of these two styles. The sliding door itself is humangous! So we were happy to find a solution there :)
We also decided on a TV stand! Well sorta! (lol) We ventured of to IKEA this past weekend, and were looking for some ideas for the living room, and TV. We found this cool wall unit:

It looks similar to this. We decided to get the (4) sections on the top, and the bottom is (4) floating sections. The bottom piece is open for now. We are considering adding drawers, but still pondering it!
So you can have an idea, this is the couch:

Now put it all together! How beautiful the living room will be looking :)
My Lover decided he wanted a grill! What house isn't complete without one! Welcome the new addition..
More to come..


Jennifer said...

Congrats on all of your new stuff! I like that sofa a lot!

Jackie said...

Congrats on the purchase! I love house shopping. =) Oh, and when looking for an entertainment cabinet for our bedroom, I saw the piece w/ the cabinet over the TV, and loved it! I even bought it... but realized later it was too long for our wall. So remember to measure. LOL

Vicky said...

everything looks great! we also have a huge sliding glass door and i bought 4 panels total (2 of one kind and 2 of the other kind). I love it!