Monday, June 29, 2009

Struggle UPDATE!

If you have been reading my blog, you are aware of my recent struggle with the Church.
I am a Catholic, but not a Church going one. Which can be a problem since I am hoping to be married by the Church! Recently I decided to give the Church a chance, to test the waters, and to open my mind.

I went last night to Sunday service with my family. I was shocked with how things have changed. My father had warned me about a particular priest. Apparently he is 83, traditional, and opinionated. I grew up in the Church, but never encountered someone like this. NEVER.

So here are the highlights of Sunday Mass:

  • The Priest shushed everyone from the altar.
  • He scolded a woman for not wearing sleeves. He asked her not to approach the altar.
  • He then went off before communion, and asked all sinners to not approach the altar for communion, then added the rest of the people who have not been married by the Church, and who do not attend mass on a weekly basis to not even bother approaching the altar too.
  • After reprimanding the congregation, he went to describe himself as a bee! A bee that has never stung anyone!

I know that there are different ways of looking at this. He has his rights, and I know that some priest are very traditional. There are rules everywhere you might go. BUT you shouldn't demean people or make people feel like they are not "good enough."

This man's word's will lead people to stay away from the Church. People will feel threatened.

Just wanted to reflect on my experience. This does not mean that I will back away from attending Sunday mass. This just means that I will have to try a little harder to understand.

I promise this is the last of my Church posts! I know it's been dragging!


Jennifer said...

Ugh, that would put a bad taste in my mouth. I go to a non-denominational Christian church where people come as they are(jeans, dress clothes, whatever). That's way different than the Catholic religion, but both are Christian and I assume have some similar beliefs. While I wear my Sunday best to church because I was raised to do so for many reasons, I don't believe you should look down on those who don't. The churches of Jesus' time were in basements and people came as they were. The way he judged people will turn people away from the church. We all are sinners including him, so he shouldn't turn people away from the altar. I am so sorry your experience wasn't better. Hopefully he was just having a bad day and he will be better next Sunday. Are there any other church's you can try out?

Lins said...

I agree with Jennifer in that there are churches out there that aren't judgmental and condescending. I'm sorry your experiences up until now haven't been the best.

Having a relationship with God isn't about pointing fingers or putting yourself on a pedestal, it's about honoring The One that has given you the greatest gift of all...salvation! He doesn't make it easy, but He does make it worthwhile! :)

Sorry for the sermon, but when you get me started about how much I love Jesus I tend to ramble! :) I'll be praying you find what you're looking for!

Salvador O. Serrano said...

Wish I was there lmao! That would make me upset wonder what he would have said if I walked up LOL.

Little Miss Baker said...

wow! that is so crazy!! have you gone back since then???

Sugar & Spice said...

Yes I have. I'm getting to know the other priests! There might be a chance!