Thursday, June 25, 2009


One of the scariest things to look at is a To-Do-List!! Why? Because it's a reminder of all the things that you have NOT been done! It shows what a procrastinator I am..So I'm going to make a To-Do-List, and not be scared of it :)

I'm going to step forward, and begin to get myself "wedding organized." I went off to Target last night, and purchased a couple things that I thought would help me with my planning process:

- A binder : So that I can go ahead and file all my paper work, contracts, etc.

- Calculator : For the obvious reasons..Add up numbers :)

- Highlighters/pens/pencils

- Post-it (Pink)

I am sure I am missing things on that list, but for now that's good. I am also going to start playing around with Excel, and start keeping records of all my vendors! I've heard great things about Excel, so that will be an item on my To-Do-List. Maybe my Lover can even help with the department! Being that he is more computer savvy than me!

Obviously I have a lot more..But with time I will have everything in order!


Eli said...

I used a binder and it helped a lot. Anything I would see that I thought would be useful, a good idea, etc. I put it in the correct tab of the binder.

california dreaming said...

the one thing that is great about a to do list is being able to cross things off - then can see that you are really getting something done!