Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Next Step!

Many of you may know that I am planning a wedding! So far I have a venue + a groom! (lol) I am currently looking for a Church to hold my ceremony. It has become a MISSION from HELL! Literally. Who knew that finding a Church was going to be so hard. The fact that these Church's (I will not name them) are denying me, making me pay a $10 donation for an application, and telling me "The priest does not have time to marry you," is ridiculous!

I have called 7 Church's. Only 1 has a potential in working out. I'm just turned off! Really! The fact that the Catholic Church holds so much power is a little alarming to me. VENT OVER!!

On a brighter note, I still have hope to find a Church! I'm still on the hunt, and I will not give up..

I will keep you guys posted on my Church related drama!!!!


Jackie said...

I know the frusterations of dealing with the church, and quite frankly have lead my husband and I to stray from the church for some time! However, we're back. =)

Not sure how set you are with have the ceremony at a Catholic church, but have you looked into the non-denominational churches? I've heard they are great to deal with!

Either way, best of luck! Once the church is set, the rest will be fun and easy.

Sugar & Spice said...

Thank you Jackie! I'm hoping to figure something out soon..

Jennifer said...

Oh that is scary! I hope I don't run into this problem when I start booking mine.

Salvador O. Serrano said...

I think little flower should be boycotted!!! The church has changed so much that its now runed like a business.

Eli said...

I know your pain. I remember not wanting to deal with the church after our wedding. I didn't let my pain go unnoticed, I wrote a letter to the parish and to the higher ups and let them know this is why young people don't get married through the church's a competition for the most money, a business. It's a shame but keep at it, I'm sure it will work out and in the end it is so special and pretty. Good luck!

JennyLo said...

Really? My best friend is getting married at St. Patricks and they are not parishioners. Little flower- thats a dif story.
Try St Peter and Paul too. I sang there last weekend and it is really beautiful!