Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too see or not?

My latest task has been looking for a photographer. It's been one of my hardest challenges! I have narrowed it down, and just need a week or so to just number crunch! In the end of the day, I need to stick with my budget. So with that thought, I started thinking about the day of the wedding.

The day of the wedding, sunset will be at 6:29 pm. Meaning it will be dark. Now the question arises whether I want to take formal pictures with Lover before or after the ceremony. Question is whether or not I want to throw tradition out the window? I've always wanted to walk down the aisle, and have Lover look at me for the 1st time, but then again, why? Why not see each other before the ceremony. Not only will we have taken out formal pictures, but it gives us a moment together.

Decisions Decisions...

What do you guys think? Married ladies, what did you do for your wedding?


Jackie said...

You bring up a good point. But for me, I'm a bit superstitious, and I didn't see my hubby (to be) until I walked down the aisle. The whole "don't see bride before the wedding" talk got to me, and I didn't want to risk it. LOL

mrs.erika said...

Ah! Tough call! But whatever you decide is what YOU want. Either way it will be perfect...for you! This is your day. Go with your gut. Forget about the rest. Don't let anything or anyone take away what you want!

One suggestion is to talk to your fiance. What does he want? Does he want the element of surprise at the altar? That moment is very special. I know it was for my husband. And the look on their faces at that moment is my favorite part at any wedding... :) very special!

Lyr said...

The photographer is the hardest to find and I think one of the most important!!

I did it before because it got all the things out of the way. It was just me and the hubby! I think it takes a lot of stress out of it. But ultimately its your call!! :)

aserrano1983 said...

Lover here: DO w/e you want...... The end result will be the same..... or will it?