Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And we are off! [Honeymoon]

What's the best part of getting married?? Besides making it official with husbone aka Lover..The honeymoon of course!!
We were fortunate enough to be given a great honeymoon from my in-laws! Thank you!
After the wedding, we jetted off to Europe, where we had the time of our lives!
Our itinerary was as follows:
- 2 nights in Barcelona, Spain
- 9 day Mediterranean Cruise
- 1 night in Barcelona, Spain
It was a great, memorable trip! Which I will document for you all :) we go!
Part 1- The beginning!
Here we were waiting patiently for our flight to board! We traveled on Iberia Airlines, which I recommend! At this point we were so excited to leave! We couldn't wait to endure the 9 hours or so flight! But it was all worth it!

Here is my husbone!! Flashing his wedding ring! I love it!
We were waiting in line to board our flight..

How perfect was this flight? They offered free wine! And from what I noticed, everyone else went for seconds throughout the flight!
We were both pretty psyched about it! We took advantage, and celebrated mid air!
Luckily our flight left Miami at 7 in the evening, so we were able to get some rest on the plane.

We arrived in Spain!! Madrid to be exact! We had a one hour lay over, so I decided to shoot some some photos of the airport! Which I later found out that it was not permitted. The airport had a very edgy design to it. Very modern.
We gazed around, found our way to the Non European line, and got our passports stamped!!
We made it to our gate, and almost missed our connecting flight to Barcelona..That's what bocadillos a delicious sandwich does to you!

An hour later we were in Barcelona!
As we exited the plane, all we can do is look around! We were no longer in a terminal in the United States. We were in Europe! Whole different ball game.
So we scurried to baggage claim to wait for our multiple bags! Yes, multiple. When you travel to Europe, lot's of different wardrobes are needed!

Baggage Claim 15!!

Let the adventures begin!!
Off to the hotel in Barcelona...