Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back!!

Hello Hello!! I'm back! These pass two weeks have been extremely busy. Between our North Carolina trip, school, wedding things, and sudden surprises, I feel like I've been veered off the road..

There are lots of updates!
  • Our North Carolina trip was GREAT! The trip went by way too quickly! As soon as I get all the pictures loaded from the camera, I will post :) So stay tuned.

  • The House is coming along! It's finally starting to feel like "Home." The upstairs wood floor is completely installed, the wood rails are painted this beautiful chocolate brown! (courtesy to Mr. Salvador Serrano) Also we finally put up the curtains! Which gives the living room a comfortable touch! Also, the sofa, the wall unit, the TV, and the dinning room table is now on display :)

Thank you Lover for all your work, and efforts in making this our future home..

Here are some pictures:

Here is the wood floor. I am so glad we went with this color :)

Our dinning room table! Lover felt in love with it right away! Booth style seating!

Lover on our comfortable couch! "It's like butter."

The wall unit!

Our curtains are up! Plus a full shot of the couch & Lover!

A closer look of the curtains!


Eli said...

Very nice!!! It's so rewarding to see it all come together. Congrats on your progress.

mrs.erika said...

Congrats! It's looking fantastic....very nice taste! :)

Angeline said...

What a lovely home!!! So homy! I love the dining room set!!