Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Garage mania!

One of the next tasks in our list is the garage! The garage will play a crucial part in the house. It's where all of Lover's tools, left over paint, and things that are still scattered in the house will go. So I am excited about this task :)

The plan was to paint the garage floor with a special paint, and then throw some type of paper sprinkle to give it a certain look (I'm not familiar with the terminology). So we first needed to pressure clean the floor to make sure there was no dirt/oil stains/paint. Then we had to wait for the floor to dry. Which took a number of hours.

Finally after drying the fun part started: The painting!! Love took care of the painting. So I decided to in the mean time take pictures! In the end, the garage painting was a success! The before and after pictures are evident of that! Some of the pictures do not do it justice!


Another before picture

Getting the paint ready

Mixing the paint!

Painting the floor!

Done! Notice the sprinkles on the floors?

Another finished picture!

Lover checking out the floor!

A+ for this project!!


Eli said...

This looks great!! I really like it

Salvador O. Serrano said...

next...The walls!! hehe

P.S.Photography said...

I would love to do this to my garage. I have thought about it but the idea of taking all the junk out of the garage gets me tired. so jealous