Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 15 - Photo Challenge

A picture of something you want to do before you die..

FIJI!! I would love to pick up and go! For about month? Give or take. Explore every island, sight see, go on an adventure, be wild and crazy! Oh, and of course...lots of sun bathing and margaritas!! One day..One day..

So who is keeping up with the RHOMIA? As promised, I have recap! 

Christy in tonight's episode hosted a luncheon with a Cuban Chef who used a crock pot to make a authentic Cuban meal. Yeah, way to bring down our Cuban community! I think Christy should have had my grandma making some 'Real Cuban food.' Also, she party crashed Lea's Charity Gala, and did not pay the $500 ticket price, or donate to her charity. I have a feeling the drama has just started...

Alexia this episode was all over the place. She made headline's in our local paper: The Miami Herald. On last night's episode she slammed the people of Hialeah. Hialeah is a big city located near Miami with a high population of Cuban decent. It's where most people have planted their roots. For Alexia to make the comments she made about was wrong and flat out rude! Especially since her current husband used to be heavily involved in Hialeah politic. She has recently apologized for her remarks.

She also compares herself a lot like Adriana..Interesting!

Besides telling Adriana to get rid of her fiance, we also learned that she loves firing her nannies! She get's a thrill out it! Odd! She started off the season stating she does everything around the house, yet she has a bus load of help.

Lea this episode through a huge Gala promoting her Charity! We also learned she love Joe Francis aka Girls Gone Wild creator..Just lovely!

Can't wait to tune in to the next episode when she sends Christy an invoice for attending the Gala!!

She was very quiet this episode. She handled Lea's red carpet, and sipped some wine with her lover. That's about it!

Adriana in this episode didn't walk the cat walk. She attended Christy's luncheon, forgot to pick up her son, and then got into an argument with her fiance aka "frenchman" about picking up son. No worries, her son was picked up, not left in a parking lot.

Oh, and who can forget about momma?? I find her entertaining! Maybe because I have a Cuban mother with an accent. But what is wrong with her face?? Did she have a botched surgery?? Did she intend to look this way? It's not normal..I'm going to have to google thins woman! lol! I need answers.

Anyhoot! I hope you all enjoy my recap! Tune in next week. I'm sure the drama will continue...
This definitely not my favorite housewives franchise, but it is my hometwon! So I will watch no matter what. Let's hope for a better season.


- - Little Miss Martha - - said...

Hi Maria!
I love Momma! Although I've only watched one episode because I didn't like it as much as the other housewives, I would watch again just for her! I am a housewives junkie! So I'm sure I'll get sucked into Miami sooner rather than later! Love them!

Sugar & Spice said...


I'm glad someone else has been sucked in to the real housewives! It's such a guilty pleasure of mine!